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Position: CR1 CNRS
Phone number: +33 (0)4 72 91 34 05




*Born 09-10-1975 in Marseille (France), Married, 2 children

*Full-time researcher (since 2002) affiliated to the Center for National Scientific Research (CNRS) *Responsible of the team “Representations of space for action” in the INSERM Unit 864 « Espace et Action » since 2007

Bronze Medal 2006 of the CNRS

*1997-2000: PhD in Neuropsychology (Lyon I) Topic: « Multiples pathways in interaction for Perception and Action». Supervised by Pr. Y. Rossetti, in Pr. M. Jeannerod's lab.

*1997: Masters of Molecular and Cellular Biology in Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (ENS)

*2001 : Post-doctoral Research Fellow in Melbourne University, Australia (Collaboration with Dr. J. B. Mattingley - School of behavioural Science). Topic: Attention, Perception, Action and Plasticity: study of the elementary mechanisms of the human parietal cortex. Supported by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia (NH MRC).

*August 1999 : Research visitor at Emory University – Atlanta, USA (collaboration with Drs. M. Desmurget and S. Grafton). Topic : Programmation and control of visually-guided movements. Use of TMS and kinematic recording techniques.

*October 1998: Research visitor at New Dehli university, India (collaboration with Dr. M. Ittyerah, dpt of Psychology and Blind Relief Association). Topic : Spatial representations in blind children and rehabilitation. Supported by an INSERM Contract for North-South collaboration.

*October 1997: Research visitor at Henry Gabrielle Hospital, St Genis Laval, France (Collaboration with Pr. Gilles RODE, Rehabilitation Unit). Topic: Rehabilitation of hemineglect patients by prismatic adaptation.

*July/August 1995: Research visitor at CNRS Laboratory «Neurobiologie et Mouvement» (Collaboration with Drs. J.Y. Barthes and F. Clarac). Topic : Study of locomotion patterns and generators in a model of isolated spinal cord of newborn rat – Neurochemistry and Electrophysiology.

*Responsible of a PAI with Pr. Galletti in Bologna - Italy (Galileo) in 2006 and 2007 (“Development of an animal model of optic ataxia”).

*Responsible of a PAI with Pr. Binkofski in Hamburg - Germany (Procope) in 2005 (“Dissociation of two visuo-motor dorsal streams”).

*Responsible of a project funded by INSERM (Department of International Relations) with Dr. Kritikos in Melbourne- Australia in 2004 (“Prismatic adaptation and attentional asymmetry”).