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Hiroaki Gomi 2014/02/07 1.30 pm

Title: Visual motion integration for the manual following response

Hiroaki Gomi (NTT Communication Science Labs, Japan)

Abstract Sudden visual motion applied during arm reaching movement induces reflexive manual response in the direction of visual motion (named manual following response, MFR). Initially, this manual response was thought use the same visual motion processing with that used in inducing ocular following response because both of them had a similar low-spatial and high-temporal frequency tuning specificities for the large field visual motion. This idea may be consistent to the idea of unified hierachical visual analysis for various brain functions. However, our recent experiments indicated that visual motion analysis for the hand and eye are different with respect to their spatiotemporal integration of visual moiton. I will introduce these results and additional experiments for understanding the interactions of motion signals over the retina for generating MFR.

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