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Stephanie Rossit 2014/02/27 3.30 pm

Multiple routes to action in the human brain? Evidence from lesion-symptom mapping and fMRI studies

A prominent model of vision has emphasized dissociations between the ventral and dorsal visual streams specialized for perception and action. However, in this talk I will argue that not all actions depend solely on dorsal or even ventral visual stream processing. In particular, I will present fMRI and lesion-symptom mapping data suggesting that while target-directed actions depend on regions located within the dorsal visual stream, indirect actions (such as reaching to a remembered location) depend on temporal brain regions not currently encompassed by the perception and action model. In addition, I will also present data from a rehabilitation trial using on-line action feedback to improve left visual neglect, a severe syndrome characterized by a loss of awareness of the left side of space.

Dr. Stephanie Rossit, Ph.D., CPsychol, AFBPsS | Lecturer | School of Psychology | 01.10 Lawrence Stenhouse Building | University of East Anglia | Norwich Research Park | Norwich NR4 7TJ | UK

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