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Thérèse Collins Avril 9th 3pm

Title: To remap or not to remap: Spatiotopy and oculomotor plasticity

Abstract: Detailed vision is afforded by moving the eyes around a scene. Virtually all high-level vision is therefore based on multiple retinal images that can differ greatly. One way the visual system may compensate for these changes is by remapping or realigning retinal images based on an internal copy of the eye movement, thus locating objects in a spatiotopic reference frame. Another possibility is that small discrepancies between target positions and saccadic endpoints are tolerated: a default assumption of stability. Although human observers are notoriously poor in trans-saccadic spatiotopic tasks, sub-threshold spatial errors lead to oculomotor plasticity, suggesting accurate spatiotopic realignment. I will present studies examining the spatial limits of remapping and the relationship between remapping and oculomotor plasticity. These studies suggest that internal copies of eye movements may be used separately for perception and action.

(Equipe Vision du Laboratoire de la Psychologie de la Perception, Paris)

Salle de conférences Bâtiment Inserm 16 avenue du Doyen Lépine 69500 Bron

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