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Barry Seemungal* 2015/05/21 4pm

"Components of Vestibular Perception"

*PhD FRCP Consultant Neurologist Charing Cross & St Mary’s Hospitals Senior Lecturer, Imperial College London

Abstract: Revealing the components of vestibular perception We all know that the vestibular system maintains our balance and gaze stability via brainstem reflexes using signals from the inner ear. But what is vestibular perception? For simplicity vestibular sensations can be divided into perception of self-motion (illusory self-motion or ‘dizziness’) and of self-location, important for spatial orientation. Using data from non-invasive brain stimulation, structural neuroimaging and acute focal brain lesions in humans, I will discuss how vestibular reflexes can be coupled or uncoupled to vestibular perception, in health and disease; how visual cortical function is modulated by vestibular activation and how this relates to self-motion perception; and finally how the vestibular perception of self-motion and self-location, and their memory, are distinct in neuro-anatomical locus and mechanism.

Invité par Caroline Tilikete

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