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[PDF] [medline] Khan AZ, Pisella L, Vighetto A, Cotton F, Luauté J, Boisson D, Salemme R, Crawford JD, and Rossetti Y (2005) Optic ataxia errors depend on remapped, not viewed, target location Nat Neurosci 8(4):418–20. [PMID: 15768034]

Abstract: Optic ataxia is a disorder associated with posterior parietal lobe lesions, in which visually guided reaching errors typically occur for peripheral targets. It has been assumed that these errors are related to a faulty sensorimotor transformation of inputs from the 'ataxic visual field'. However, we show here that the errors observed in the contralesional field in optic ataxia depend on a dynamic gaze-centered internal representation of reach space.


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