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[PDF] [medline] Pisella L, Rossetti Y, Michel C, Rode G, Boisson D, Pélisson D, and Tilikete C (2005) Ipsidirectional impairment of prism adaptation after unilateral lesion of anterior cerebellum. Neurology 65(1):150–2. [PMID: 16009906]

Abstract: In a patient with damage of the left cerebellar cortex (SCA territory), the authors tested four combinations of exposure to optical shift (leftward prisms, right hand; rightward prisms, right hand; leftward prisms, left (ataxic) hand; rightward prisms, left (ataxic) hand). He adapted to rightward but not leftward prisms, independent of which hand was used during exposure. This suggests a role of anterior cerebellar cortex in the computation or compensation of ipsidirectional visual error.


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